Swimmers are encouraged to compete at carnivals throughout the region. 

Our own Malanda Swimming Carnival is usually held late November or early December and all Malanda Swimmers are encouraged to attend.

An adult must stay at carnivals with your child and be available to help out with timekeeping. Children are not to be "dropped off".


Things to bring along to a carnival:

Swimmers - hat, sunscreen, 2 pairs of goggles, swim suit, swim cap, club shirt, towel, water bottle, snacks and maybe a book to fill in time between races.

Adults - hat, sunscreen, chair, plenty of water, drinks and snacks, marker for events, swim program (usually email prior to carnival by Race Secretary), shoes that can get wet when timekeeping.

Food is available to purchase from the canteen at most carnivals but you are permitted to bring your own drinks, snacks and lunch for the day from home if preferred.

Swimmers are required to arrive within plenty of time to be able to take to the water for the designated warm-up period. They should report to their coach and then follow them to the lane which has been assigned to the club for warm-up swimming for the day. 

Throughout the day swimmers are encouraged to be aware of when their race is being marshalled, to check in with their coach before leaving for the marshalling area, to respresent our club appropriately in the marshalling area and to report back to their coach at the end of a race.

It is essential that all families help with timekeeping at all carnivals they attend as timeslots are allocated in proportion to the number of swimmers that have nominated from the club. Depending on the number of adults accompanying the swimmers time keeping sessions usually vary between 1-2 hours a day. There are usually 3 timekeepers per lane and it is essential that this position is treated seriously as it can mean the difference for a swimmer making a qualifying time for State or National titles.

The emphasis for our kids at carnivals though is to have fun while trying to achieve their own personal best times and conquering their own goals.

As parents and supporters we encourage all swimmers to have a go!